"commercial application of veterinary nutrition principles."

Nutritional Science to Optimize Canine Diets

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Custom Diet Creation Canine Supplements

Products Designed To Be Used Together for Creation of Complete and Balanced Dog Food.

MULTI and MACRO-MIN are Designed To Be Used Together For Creation of Complete and Balanced Home Prepared Dog Food.
Providing Essential Vitamins and Minerals (Including Calcium) to Balance Home Prepared Diets.

Multi Vegan Can Be Used With MACRO-MIN for Vegan Diets.


Custom Diet Creation Non-Animal Origin Products

Multi Vegan


Provides Essential Vitamins and Trace Minerals for PLANT BASED DIETS. Contains No Animal Products.


Designed To Be Used With Macro-Min (A Source of Minerals Including Calcium) To Create Complete and Balanced Home Prepared Dog Food.



The Non-Animal Origin Source of DHA and ALA.


A Vegan Source of Essential Fatty Acids.


Colon/GI Normalizing Canine Supplements

Improves Stool Quality

Primary Indication: Diarrhea

*Specialized Fiber Sources
*Novel Fiber Blends
*Live ProBiotic Bacteria
*Nutrient PreBiotic Fiber
*Non-Animal Origin Ingredients



Wagtritious Mixed Fiber Supplement Contains BOTH Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fiber.


Insoluble Fiber Works As A Bulking Agent.


Soluble Fiber Provides Moisture Control, Promotes Gel Formation, And Has A High Water-Binding Capacity (WBC).

Contains Live ProBiotic Bacteria and Nutritious PreBiotic FOS Fiber.


Wagtritious Biotic Supplement Contains Microencapsulated Live ProBiotic Bacteria And A Generous Amount of FOS PreBiotic Fiber.


FOS PreBiotic Fiber Is A Preferred Nutrition Source For ProBiotic Bacteria.

Novel & Specialized Fiber Sources Containing Both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber Are Included.


Creates A Normalized Colon Environment.

Benefits of Fiber and Biotic:

       -Daily Use. Administer With Food.

       -Safe for Puppies & Seniors of All Breeds.

       -Use During Antibiotic Therapy.

-Shelter and Rescue Use.