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Colon Balance Supplement (Normalizer)
Supports Microbiome Repopulation
Indications: diarrhea, flatulence, GI upset
ProBiotic Bacteria:  live, fermenting, beneficial, microencapsulated, mucosal adherent, pH and antibiotic tolerant, and safe for canine consumption.  Probiotics transiently adhere to and colonize the gut; antagonizing pathogenic bacteria locally; stimulating the immune system systemically.
PreBiotic Fiber:  FOS = fructooligosaccharide
The preferred food of the probiotic bacteria.
Improves and normalizes stool quality
**Manage canine digestive upset by offering small meals
**Safe for growing puppies, seniors and reproducing dogs
**Cooking heat will damage active ingredients efficacy
**Gluten free, Grain free, no animal products
**Veterinary direction


Colon Balance Supplement

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