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"commercial application of veterinary nutrition principles."

Nutritional Science to Optimize Canine Diets

"Pet Food Never Sleeps"

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Thank you for your interest in Wagtritious Clinical Supplements and Veterinary Nutrition Specialists Canine Commercial Cooker premixes.

In order to celebrate the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays; our manufacturing partner facility at  Kauffman's Animal Health will be closing at the end of business on Friday December 23, 2022, with a plan to reopen on Monday morning January 2, 2023 for normal business.

*****Veterinary Nutrition Specialists LLC CANNOT  process or ship orders for supplements or premixes, during the facility shut-down period.*****

***** Please plan your holiday season inventory procurement with these December 2022 dates in mind.*****

*****We plan limited office support and access to email from Selinsgrove PA, during the time of plant closure.*****

Thank you for your veterinary nutrition business.

Enjoy the Holiday season.


Veterinarians, clients, and small commercial manufacturers of pet food can use this contact page to initiate the order process below:

**We offer a variety of product sizes to meet your needs. Please see our FAQ section for more information.

Thanks! Message sent.

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